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Latest News on our Bespoke Furniture & Timber Staircases

Coming soon: Bespoke timber staircases

Coming soon on these pages: 2 new staircases: a contemporary helical with stainless steel balustrade and a traditional "waisted" oak staircase. 

In the next few days, we will be starting a traditional "waisted" staircase, with bespoke spindles and cut stringers, all in solid European oak. The term "waisted" refers to the shape of the staircase when looking from above, as can be seen on the plans shown, and where the 2 outer stringers are curved, producing a staircase which is narrower in the middle than at the start and arrival. Details still have to be finalised with our client.

Following the staircase above, we will be making a contemporary helical staircase again, in solid European oak. This will have plain stingers, open treads and a timber handrails with stainless steel rail up the staircase and gallery forming the balustrade. In plan, this staircase will be based on a portion of ellipse as can be seen on the plan bellow.