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The Arts & Crafts Movement

Arts and Crafts KitchenThe Arts and Crafts Movement began in Britain around 1880 and quickly spread across America and Europe.

It grew out of a concern for the effects that industrialisation was having on design, on traditional skills and even on the lives of ordinary people. The two most influential figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement were the  John Ruskin  and  William Morris.  Ruskin had strong ideas about the relationship between art, society and labour. Morris was the craftsman who put Ruskin's ideas into practice. He placed great value on working with the hands, the joy of craftsmanship and the beauty of natural materials.

Arts and Crafts BedThe Movement's name came from the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society which was founded in 1887. This movement , with its spirit of reform and the value it placed on the quality of materials and design still has a great influence on the way that beautiful furniture is crafted today.

The Arts & Crafts Movement promoted the return to hand-craftmanship, of high-quality workmanship and beautiful, individual designs. It came to represent craftsmanship over mass market production. The result was exquisitely-made, hand-crafted  and individually decorated pieces. The craftsmen at Silvanus Interiors continue to create bespoke furniture following their ideals.

Browsing through our gallery you will see many examples of bespoke furniture created in the Arts and Crafts style by craftsmen at Silvanus interiors:

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