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Latest News on our Bespoke Furniture & Timber Staircases

Bespoke Arts & Crafts kitchen design and build

We are currently finishing the fitting of a small bespoke kitchen in solid American white ash.

The brief was clear: managing, in a small space, to give our client as much storing space as possible while not cluttering the available area with too many cupboards. 

This bespoke kitchen design was built in American white ash for the structure and door frames, with olive ash panels and wenge beads and handles.

The bead protrudes slightly from the face of the doors, hence giving a slight relief to the facade. Once again, the design is inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement: the door panels are oblong in shape and the beads, while following roughly the same shape, aren't parallel to the panel's edge.

Currently remaining to finish are the work surfaces, which are in a green slate from the Lake District.